Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Germany Calling North American shortwave pirate radio 6950 khz eQSL

Received this fantastic eQSL from Germany Calling today!  I tuned in to their broadcast on 6950 kHz with my Sangean ATS 909 receiver.  It was a World War II time capsule - including newsreel material, big band/swing music, and the German National anthem!

The email began with this salutation:

Thank you for your service to The Reich! Your confirmation is attached.


William Joyce
aka 'Lord Haw Haw'

It also included various links to some of the program components

and concluded with this "Disclaimer"

Program material of 'Germany Calling' is intended to accurately illustrate certain facets of one of the darkest periods and regimes in the history of the world. It is expected, even intended, that the content, when clearly understood, may induce disgust, revulsion, and perhaps chills, upon the listening audience of today. While the clumsiness of some of the propaganda may afford some small amusement, the program is not intended to 'entertain' and is not intended to be 'funny'. All program material was obtained from historical archives. Transmission of the program is not meant to convey or imply approval by station personnel, of the content or of the historical Nazi regime or its ideologies; and particularly not the anti-semitic content in some of the musical numbers or elsewhere. On the other hand, if the program induces any feelings of anger, disgust, revulsion, or even horror, we will have succeeded.   (emphasis added!)

Pretty interesting stuff --

Thanks William Joyce!

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