Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 NYRR France Run 8k: Race Photos & Results

The France Run 8k was race number 7 of my 9+1 for the 2016 NYCM.  In addition to the race, the post-race festivities were excellent - and included mini-crepes and chocolate squares.  I later learned there was also meringues - which I missed entirely!

As for the race itself, I missed my sub-38 by a solid 15 seconds (38:15, 7:42 pace).  That was a bit of a disappointment because typically I'd shoot for a 37:30 for 5 miles - and the 8k was a sliver shorter!  Oh well, need to head back to the track and start doing intervals again :D

In connection with all things French, it was a small coincidence that I received an eQSL from my first French pirate station, Radio Mirabelle, yesterday.  Then, when I got home from the race this morning, Pat and Katie had made French toast for breakfast.  In between, I had gotten to the race early enough to hear the choir practicing "Le Marseillaise" to kick off the start.  Vive La France!

Here are the race results from NYRR.

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