Saturday, August 1, 2015

august 2015 race schedule

it's strange posting an august race schedule when i'm heading back to kuala lumpur and will basically miss the first two weekends of the month as i fly there and back!  plus, the only race i've actually registered for is the nyrr france run 8k on the last weekend of the month.  that essentially leaves two weekends to plan for.

each of those weekends is an opportunity for a summer series race, first in westport and then in norwalk. i'm inclined to do the 6.85 miler and 11 miler, respectively, since i haven't done one in either town all summer!  the norwalk 11 miler should be interesting because i want to run the "all out for autism" 5k in new canaan the night before (a running way to celebrate my birthday) :D

and, in keeping with the notion of summer favorites that i haven't done yet, once my summer session class ends on august 13, will try and run a waveny xc and van cortlandt park series race over the following tuesday and thursday nights.

don't know if i'll get them all in, but here's how shapes up so far:

8/15 - westport summer series, 6.85 miles
8/18 - waveny xc summer series
8/20 - van cortlant park xc summer series
8/21 - "all out for autism" 5k
8/22 - norwalk summer series 11 miler
8/29 - nyrr france run 8k

as always, if you're at any of them - say hello!


CTmarathoner said...

too bad you have missed all the Waveny and Westport races-Jim has been giving out free vintage t-shirts at all of them. he is trying to unload his garage! Not sure how many shirts he has to give out.

rundangerously said...

get one for me -- or ask jim to put one aside for me! i will be at waveny once my summer session class ends! :O