Wednesday, May 6, 2015

radio new zealand qsl (eQSL, that is) :D

i've been an avid radio listener since the 1970's - when as a teenager i spent countless hours trying to tune in distant stations over the shortwave (and then medium wave) bands.  i also spent countless hours collecting qsl cards (typically postcard size replies from those radio stations confirming that you did, in fact, hear their station in all that static - hi).  the qsl bug returned last month!

it's been years (maybe 25+) since i've actually collected a real - old school - qsl card.  i don't know what came over me last month, but i sent a reception report to radio new zealand international, via email.  i heard them sign off on one frequency and then start broadcasting on a new frequency.  it was so 21st century! then, in about 2 weeks, the above qsl arrived in my mailbox - or, correctly stated, the above eQSL arrived via email :D

that was my very first eQSL!  i will note, for posterity - that i did verify reception of radio new zealand with an actual qsl card (in the shape of a pennant, no less) back in the day - via an actual letter sent via snail mail.  i may dig it out and post a picture for comparison :D


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