Tuesday, August 12, 2014

r.i.p. robin williams

when i heard last night that robin williams was dead, at the age of 63 - and that he took his own life, it was tragic news indeed.  what went through my mind was how difficult it was to reconcile the image of the legendary comic and actor and the inner demons that tormented him so much that he felt suicide was the only way out.  the image of him intoning "carpe diem" to his students as they looked at the sepia prints of students then long gone played in mind.

two of my all-time favorite films, "the world according to garp" and "dead poets society" are robin william classics.  given my age, i'll always view him from the perspective of the 1980's - but his work spanned more than 3 decades - from "mork and mindy" to the small role he played in "the face of love" (which i watched on the way home from kuala lumpur on saturday).

the world lost a beautiful soul yesterday.

rest in peace robin williams.

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