Sunday, August 10, 2014

2014 join the voices 5 miler: race photos & results

after the long flight back from kuala lumpur yesterday, i was more than surprised to be lining up for the join the voices 5 miler this morning!  but since i was still on kl time, it seemed like the race kicked off at 8:30 pm instead of am!

i would have been happy with 8 minute miles, finishing in 40 minutes.  but i was pleasantly shocked to run a 38:03, 7:37 pace.  if i hadn't dawdled at the finish, i would have snuck in under 38 minutes (for some strange reason i forgot the race ended on the transverse - i had though we finished on west drive, in front of tavern on the green).

the most surprising moment of the morning was 6:58 first mile - something clearly unplanned.  but that was balanced out by an 8+ minute mile 4 (and dropping back to 7:40 for the last mile)!  it was an eclectic bunch of miles, given the circumstances :O

here are the race results from nyrr.

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