Saturday, December 21, 2013

happy 2013 winter solstice :D

happy winter solstice!

winter officially arrived at 12:11 this afternoon - just as i was about to finish up the norfolk pub 10 miler (which at 1:19, had me cross the finish line 8 minutes later at 12:19). 

given that winter arrived a month early this year, the freakishly warm day (it was in the mid-50s for a race that is typically run in freezing conditions) was a welcome surprise.  and the forecast is for another abnormally warm day tomorrow!  then winter conditions return monday, just in time for the work week.

i love the winter solstice because it marks the start of increasingly longer days.  but i don't much like the actual winter it officially ushers in.  i'm not fond of running in the cold weather.   hopefully, since we've had a month of winter like weather, the real winter season may be milder?  probably just wishful thinking :D

in any event, happy winter solstice :D

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