Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 taconic road runners xc & couples relays: race photos & results

this year was the first time that the taconic road runners cross country and couples relays were combined and held on the same day.  in years past, the xc relay kicked off the weekend on saturday morning, followed by the club's holiday party saturday night, and the couples relay and pancake breakfast sunday morning.  not only was did we have revamped weekend (both races started at the same time), but a new course as well.

the couples relay morphed into a mostly road 2 mile loop, instead of it's traditional mostly trail figure eight layout (both versions are well short of the 2 mile distance).  it may have been a combination of the incredible warm weather (60s) or the combined races, but the turnout was very high!  one interesting terrain note was running through fog at one stretch - which was the only really cold microclimate section of the course.

as in prior years, emmy and i teamed up for the couples relay.  our combined time of 24:21 was good enough for 7th place overall (not too bad for having run the norfolk pub 10 miler the day before).  there were no separate age group awards, but every team won merchandise prizes (new socks & vintage shirts)!

i'll add a link to the results once they're posted.

here are the rest of my photos posted on facebook.

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