Wednesday, August 1, 2012

august 2012 race schedule

with the sharp drop off in running (and races) over the last three weeks as i struggle to recover from a nagging ankle injury, i'm a bit dubious about putting together a race schedule for august.  i will run in the nyrr team championship race this weekend - in need point number 6 on the road to 9 for 2013.  but it will be more running than racing.

looking further down the road, i have to focus on building my base mileage back up.  the last 3 weeks have seen mileage of 15, 12 and 10 miles, respectively.  that's down from an average of 50 miles a week over the prior months.  it's demoralizing to say the least - especially since i seem to be in the two steps forward, one step back, recovery mode.

i have a follow-up with the sports doctor next week to assess where i'm at.  at that point i should be in better shape to map out what other races i can line up for in august.

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