Saturday, August 4, 2012

2012 nyrr team championships: race photos and results

it was humid this morning for the 5 mile team championship races.  the fact it was hot too (it's always hot in august) was an afterthought.  but the weather didn't matter much because while it's a race, it's also an excuse for the running clubs to come out in force and socialize :D

i was well off my goal of a 7:30 pace.  my 38:14, 7:38 pace was one of my slowest 5 mile finishes.  but the good news was that my ankle survived, no worse for the wear!  i was actually more concerned about the effects of the heat and humidity.  i was toast by cat hill :(

while i'm not out of the woods yet, i was glad to get in the miles in without backsliding. 

here are the results of the men's race.
here are the results of the women's race.

here are the rest of my photos, posted on facebook.

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