Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 wlf putnam county classic: race photos and results

this morning we had a record number of finishers cross the line, 350, at the wlf putnam county classic!  for the second year in a row, i wasn't one of them (although i did run the course on sunday).  while i love co-directing the race w/emmy, it's still strange to see the field go off after i blew the air horn - and i not be part of crowd setting off on the hilly 8 miles.  that said, being on the other side of the race is a lot of fun!

and i wouldn't have been a success without all the great volunteers!  we had a huge contingent of taconic road runners club members, the ham radio operators from pearl, the local police (two of whom rode the course on bikes), fire and ambulance crews, lake families who set up water stations on the course outside their homes, the high school custodians, and many, many more people and organzations who helped out us out in big and small ways!

here are the race results from taconic.

i've posted a lof more race photos on facebook.  and i'll add a link to the team's race photos once they've been posted to the homepage.

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