Monday, May 21, 2012

todd's hudson river run: completed!!

yesterday, just after 5 pm, todd completed his epic 315 mile hudson river run at battery park.  todd symbolically capped off the adventure when he poured the contents of a vial of water from lake tear in the clouds on the face of mount marcy, that he had carried with him on the nine days of trek, into the harbor! 

the last leg began in nyack and included a run across the george washington bridge.  i joined up with todd on 83rd street and riverside park.  he had a great group of pacers with him throughout the day (tony, micah and mat covered the entire day's distance w/him).  when we reached the javits center, mat broke out a growler for some non-traditional rehydration :D

afterwards, the celebration continued at amity hall, in greenwich village!

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