Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 japan run: race photos and results

it was with a sense of deja vu that i lined up for the japan run 4 miler this morning. the second 4 miler in as many weeks, preceded by a long race the prior week. this time around it was the long island marathon. the week before the run as one 4 miler it was the sybil ludington 50k. in hopes that i could repeat my 4 miler from two weeks ago, i set a sub-28 minute goal. that was pretty doable, but i missed it by 7 seconds. my 28:07, 7:02 pace, was 14 seconds slower than my "run as one" finish.  even so, i was happy with it :D

the only downside to this morning was i had to miss the mothers day 10k in norwalk.  it i hadn't fallen behind in collecting my nine nyrr races for 2013, that's the race i would have liked to run today.  be that as it may, it's all good!

happy mothers day!

here are the results from nyrr.

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