Saturday, March 28, 2020

Life During Distance Learning

Or should it be captioned, "during social distancing?"  Either way, apologies to the Talking Heads - because this might be life imitating art :O

It almost seems quaint that this week was when we planned to return to in-person teaching after a 3-week hiatus from the classroom.  Instead, the rest of the Spring semester will be conducted via distance learning.  Very strange to only interact with my students via Blackboard/Zoom instead of actual classrooms. 

From a practical perspective, the only real change is in testing.  Otherwise it is the same syllabus, material and assignments.  The coursework will get done, but the give and take of the classroom will be missed. 

Hopefully, some semblance of teaching normalcy will return by Summer session?!

Until then, running is the only distance that I can embrace (apologies for the lame pun) :D

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