Sunday, November 12, 2017

2017 Raven Rocks Run 10K: Race Photos & Results

What a great (but cold) morning to run the trails a Ward Pound Ridge Reservation!  I drove up to the Raven Rocks Run 10k wearing shorts, but since the temperature was stubbornly stuck at 29 degrees, I switched into tights in my car.  In fact, by the time we lined up at for the start, the sun had broken through the cloud cover - and could have stuck with shorts!

As for the race itself, it was fantastic.  One way to describe it would be it's like the Leatherman's Loop - without the water crossing and a few more (steep) climbs!  In fact, before the start Rob (the RD) said if you ranked the loop at 6-7, this one is probably 7-8 (on scale of difficulty).  Hearing that, I mentally crossed out my target of one hour and dialed my expectations back to 1:05 (which, in hindsight, was still too optimistic)!

I was actually very happy with my 1:07 finish since this was my first run since the NYC Marathon last weekend.  That running hiatus wasn't for a lack of running desire but a direct consequence of the nasty sore throat I developed in the days after NYC.  So I wasn't go to tempt the relapse Gods by going all out (even if I could).  As it was, I did walk up a few of the hills :O

Aside from Rob, also saw Jim (who was timing it), and Chris (who was running it)!  I'm actually looking forward to running this one again!

Here are the official results from Raven Rocks Run.


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