Monday, November 7, 2016

2016 New York City Marathon: Race Photos & Results

What a great day to run... a marathon!  It was exactly 15 degrees warmer (53) when I woke up Sunday morning than it was at the start of my Saturday (38).  Even so, I somehow managed to run the race a bit overdressed.  But I'll write up a short race report and cover all the details tomorrow.

The short version - I finished my 14th consecutive NYC Marathon!  The 3:57:42 was 13 minutes faster than my 2015 and 2014 finishes (my slowest NYC finishes).  It also wrapped up my 9+1 requirements for guaranteed entry in the 2017 edition - big, big smile :D

Congrats to everyone who finished yesterday!  Race report to follow.

Here are the official race results from NYRR.

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