Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 running year in review

i closed out 2014 with an easy 4.5 mile run which my annual mile to just over 2,100 (2,100.21 to be precise).  that was exactly 68 few miles than my 2013 total of 2,168.2 miles!  the shortfall can be attributed to the 2 weeks in september that is didn't run - recovering from the scalding my hand took in the kitchen (no fun walking around or running with a bandaged hand).  both totals were well off my goal of 2,400 miles for the year (200 per month average).

i can close the first half of the year - with may the only month i didn't run at least 200 miles.  in fact, april capped off a 12 month run of 200+ mileage months! as such it was a reverse of 2013 were i started slow but ended with a long string of 200+ mile months.  2014 saw a second half that didn't include any 200 mile months!  july, with 184 miles, had the highest total miles.  with august and sepetember my lowest points, at 136.3 and 127 miles respectively.

during the final 6 months i average 150 miles a month, and brought down the monthly average to 175 miles for the year as a whole.  while i'm not happy at missing my goal for the second year in a row, i'm still pleased to have gotten in all the miles - and races. in fact, at 160 miles for the month of December, i'm closing out 2014 with the highest monthly mileage total since july's 184 miles! hurray for that!  and onward to another shot at 2,400 miles for 2015 :D

as for races, i only ran 35 of them this year. that's my lowest number of races run in well over a decade!  i usually average around 50 a year and the drop off was a surprise.  but, again, that was attributable to the second half of the year - in line with the overall drop off in my running mileage.  but i did get in an ultra (sbyill 50k) - which i was a goal for 2014 since i ran no ultra in 2013!  in addition to the my 12th nyc marathon, those were my 2 longest distance events of the year.

other highlights included my 5th escarpement trail run (a wet and soggy one in july).  that sets me up for my 100 mile shirt next summer - after #6.  i'm really looking forward to that one!  i also completed all 5 borough races in the nyrr grand prix series!  that was a logistical surprise - and marked my second consecutive year doing it (i doubt a 3 pete is in the cards for 2015).  i'm sure that another race or two should be included here - and if i remember, i'll update this :D

so to wrap up, happy new year to everyone.  i hope you've all had great running years!  and here's to another great year of running in 2015!  cheers!

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