Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april 2014 race schedule

with any degree of luck, this month will be a return to ultras.  actually, it will be my first ultra in almost 2 years - and, fittingly, it'll be the sybil ludington 50k (my very first ultra, oh so many years ago)!  i'm really looking forward to it :D

in the short run, however - pun definitely intended - the scotland run 10k is on deck for this weekend.  it's a nyrr team race, so i opted to run it (and nab a nycm point in the process) instead of running my local 15k the next morning.

the next weekend is another 10k - over different terrain (and park).  it's over t to van cortlandt park for the urban environmental challenge!  this is a great xc/trail run put on by the vctc - and includes a couple of water crossings!

easter weekend will include a trip up to darien for the bunny boogie 3 miler - with chocolate bunnies as the age group prizes ;O

last, but not least, is sybil the following weekend (the only downside here is missing the leatherman's loop the following morning at ward pound ridge reservation).

here's how it looks so far:

4/5 - scotland run 10k
4/13 - urban environmental challenge 10k
4/19 - bunny boogie, 3m
4/26 - sybil ludington 50k

as always, if you're at any of them - say hello!

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