Sunday, September 18, 2011

greetings from kuala lumpur :D

greetings from kuala lumpur, malaysia! i was on airplanes for a long time - 15 hours from jfk to hong kong, then another 3+ hours from hong kong to kuala lumpur. add in the non-flight time at the airports and the 45 minute cab ride to my hotel, it really does seem like i've travelled to the other side of the world! i've done long haul trips like this one in the past (bangkok, singapore, indonesia) - but it never gets easier.

despite the travel fatigue, i still enjoy these road trips - they never get old! this trip is all business, but i'd like to get over the the petronas twin towers. what i'd really love to do is run up the stairs to the top of one - but i'll settle for an elevator ride to the visitors' bridge :D

stay tuned...

here are some sightseeing photos of the batu caves.

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Chicken Underwear said...

Let me know when you need someone to carry your bags. I'll be there for you.