Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011 norwalk summer series, 11 miler: race photos and results

the norwalk summer series 11 miler was tough going this morning.  the silvermine course is a tough, double loop, without having to factor in the weather.  this time around we had incredibly soggy and humid conditions. i hadn't planned to run it - but tomrrow's bronx half marathon was cancelled in view the anticipated arrival of hurricane irene! 

i didn't have any particular time goal in mind - i just wanted to survive both loops!  i thought an 8:30 pace would do it - but after a pair of 8:45 miles during the first loop (and walking a couple of hills), that seemed to be a stretch.  still, my 1:33:50 (practically 10 minutes slower than 2010's 1:24) worked out to just over an 8:30 pace (8:32) - so i'll take it :D

here are the race results.

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